Voyage To Integrate Self-Driving Tech In Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid plug-in hybrid is also a self-driving prototype.

Voyage, a company that develops fully driverless car technology, announced a partnership with FCA on the integration of a the self-driving package into a purpose-built Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid prototype.

It’s not the first such deal using plug-ins in autonomous driving tests, as plug-ins seem to be a preferable choice for such purposes.

“Voyage has teamed up with FCA to accelerate Voyage’s deployment of fully driverless cars. We have integrated our self-driving technology into a purpose-built Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, developed specifically by FCA for the integration of automated technology.

Building a self-driving car requires a deep connection between software and hardware, and both pieces need to be considered in tandem. This partnership connects Voyage’s self-driving technology with FCA’s deep expertise in building vehicles to launch truly driverless transportation services. As part of this collaboration, Voyage and FCA will jointly adapt and validate the connections between the self-driving software, sensors, and embedded systems.”

Details about how many fully driverless cars will be deployed or when we can expect at least some autonomous driving features in new FCA vehicles were not disclosed.

Below we attached a tweet with a video of FCA’s AV-Ready Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid tested on the streets.

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