Wallbox Quasar Bidirectional Charger Will Power Your Car And Your Home

We’re finally talking V2H for real.

The electric vehicle charging industry is really beginning to get interesting. When this latest generation of EVs came to market roughly ten years ago electric vehicle supply equipment or EVSE was only capable of delivering electricity safely to the EV, nothing more. 

However, that’s rapidly changing and we now have smart-chargers that can offer the user remote access to the unit, keep detailed charging history data, can be paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for remote services and more. Some smart-chargers like the ChargePoint Home and Enel JuiceBox can communicate with the utility supplying the power and participate in demand-response programs that can save the EV owner a lot of money in their electric bill. 

Now in 2020, we’re about to get another option in-home EV charging previously unavailable; a bidirectional DC charger for home use. Wallbox, an EVSE supplier based in Barcelona, Spain, announced that they are bringing their products to the North American market in 2020. Wallbox is already a market leader in Europe and is now expanding and bringing their exciting new products to the US and Canada.

Two of Wallbox’s offerings, the Pulsar Plus and the Quasar will land on US shores during 2020 and InsideEVs will be getting early access to these units to test out and offer comprehensive reviews for our readers. 

The Pulsar Plus from Wallbox is a WiFi-connected smart charger, capable of delivering 40 amps (9.6kW) to the vehicle.