Watch A 1500bhp Honda Civic Smash 0-60mph In 1.1 Seconds

Since we live in a world where a tuned two-tonne BMW barge can hit 0-62mph in 2.6 seconds, we’re getting desensitised to silly acceleration figures. Something fast enough and unlikely enough, however, can still be attention-grabbing. Such as this Honda Civic.

Once of six Civics run by an outfit called P-Racing at the Haltech World Cup Finals (late last year, when car events were still a thing), the all-wheel drive monster is – incredibly – still running a K24 inline-four mounted in its original transverse position. There’s not a lot of the original engine left, however – it’s been given a billet crankshaft, new pistons from JE, a whole new top end, and a 76mm Garrett turbocharger. Running around 60psi, it’s good for roughly 1500bhp.

As a result, it was able to clock an astonishing 7.45-second quarter-mile pass, hitting 0-62mph in 1.1 seconds and crossing the line at 186mph.

Honda - Watch A 1500bhp Honda Civic Smash 0-60mph In 1.1 Seconds - Tuning

The run in question is at the three-minute mark, in case you’re getting confused about which Civic is which, but it’s worth sticking around for the whole video. Each of P-Racing’s Civics is impressive in its own way, and there’s some great footage of the cars tearing down the strip.

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