Watch Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Take On Ford F-150 In Tug Of War

An electric pickup from Lordstown has something to prove. Let’s see the duel between the Endurance and F-150.

Lordstown Motors has just released a new video presenting a tug of war challenge between the prototype of the 2021 Lordstown Endurance all-electric pickup truck and the conventional 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat EcoBoost with the drive mode set to 4WD-Low.

Because of the obvious advantages of all-electric drive (especially high torque) and the promotional character of the video, we did not expect anything but a win for Lordstown.

And that is exactly what happened. The quad-motor Endurance, with peak output of some 440 kW, beat the all-wheel-drive F-150 with ease it seems. Though we should note that this tug of war contest rather oddly takes place on grass where traction is very limited.