Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Shelby GT500 In Rolling Start Races

1,000+ HP appears to be enough to beat the Plaid.

Here is a little bit of a different roll-type drag race with the Tesla Model S Plaid against a 1,100hp Shelby GT500, which appears to be a bit quicker than Tesla’s flagship.

It is actually a rare contender that can match the Tesla Model S Plaid acceleration.

“Ken Bjønnes in the 1,100hp Palm Beach Dyno GT500 lining up with a brand new Tesla Model S Plaid at MITM Elite for a couple of roll races, and then a 1/4 mile pass by each. The 1/4 mile pass by The Palm Beach Dyno GT500 is the fastest one I got on film, but they’ve gone faster”

The most important thing is however that the Model S delivers such performance by remaining a versatile electric car for daily drives and family use.

We still have to wait a little bit for the second-generation Tesla Roadster to get a taste of the full EV potential.

Tesla Model S Plaid specs:

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