YouTuber Reveals 3 Things He Hates About His Rivian R1T After 1 Year

YouTuber JerryRigEverything is known on the internet for his smartphone durability tests, where he scratched, bends, and generally makes life hard for new tech gadgets, but he’s also an electric vehicle enthusiast, converting an old military Humvee to an EV and owning a Rivian R1T.

Now, after a year of ownership of the American-made zero-emissions pickup, he published a new video on his YouTube channel (embedded at the top of this page), where he explains the biggest problems he’s had with the truck during his 10,000-mile ownership.

He starts by saying that the Rivian is “the most fun, the most powerful, and the most capable truck” he has ever driven. However, it’s not perfect: the display for the rear-mounted air compressor went out and had to be replaced, and then one of the air shocks started to get jittery so it got replaced under warranty.

Also, the powered tonneau cover is broken, as is the case on many R1Ts that were fitted with the early version of the motorized cover. Rivian is now shipping the manual version of the cover, with the redesigned variant of the power tonneau scheduled to be ready this summer.

With this being said, there are three things that the YouTuber hates about his Rivian, and number one is water getting into the driver’s side door whenever it rains or snows. He says that he doesn’t know how this happens, but water can be heard sloshing around in the door, which can be very annoying while driving, not to mention the potential damage it can cause to the electronics and the bodywork.

Normally water that gets inside the door should automatically come out through the drain holes on the bottom of the door, but it looks like this particular R1T is much more stubborn in this regard, even if – as the YouTuber says – Rivian installed larger drains on his pickup.

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The second most annoying thing is actually a feature that’s nicely designed, and that’s the extension panel that automatically lowers over the tailgate when you open the bed so that there’s a continuous surface back there to make it easier to slide long items in and out. However, when carrying loose soil, it makes its way under the tray and directly into the large hinge opening, right into the sealed undercarriage of the truck, where it can easily absorb and retain moisture, which isn’t ideal for the high-voltage battery and power electronics that are housed under the body.

Thirdly, it looks like the centrally mounted wireless charging pad for smartphones can be tricked into releasing energy by placing a tape measure over it. Admittedly, it’s not as big of a problem as the previous two, but for someone who uses an R1T to do truck stuff, it can be annoying to hear the clicking of the wireless charger.

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