Akrapovic exhaust for 718 Cayman GT4

Latest, greatest Cayman too quiet for you? Akrapovic can help with that

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, January 7, 2021 / Loading comments

As Dan found out when he measured the latest GT4 against the previous one, while newer is clearly faster than older, it’s definitely a little quieter despite the larger 4.0-litre motor in its midriff. That’s almost certainly thanks to the new and more restrictive filters slotted into its pipework, demanded by global emissions limits – something Akrapovic has attempted to address with its latest offering: a titanium ‘slip on line’ exhaust developed specifically for the 718 generation.

The freer-flowing pipework delivers on the performance front, allowing the GT4’s naturally aspirated flat-six to produce an additional 5.9hp and 7.7lb ft of torque at its peaks, which equates to 390hp at 6,400rpm and 321lb ft at 5,740rpm. It also removes 3.6kg from powertrain, or 21.6 per cent of the weight contributed to the car’s total mass by the exhaust system, bringing the car’s weight balance even closer to centre by a modest degree. Best of all, it gives the motor the clearer lungs needed to project an even coarser and racier tone than its less restricted predecessor. In the video it sounds epic.

The fully titanium exhaust system (you can have a link pipe set, too – although this requires a mandatory remap) which uses three silencers, is said to provide its boost thanks to improved gas-flow dynamics, reduced back pressure, and “a more linear power curve”. Akrapovic says the power gains are most noticeable in the mid-range, with no impact on the car’s explosive top-end character. Perfect. The system uses a dual-mode exhaust flap, so you can quieten it down when necessary, and enjoy the full resonance of a GT3-derived Porsche flat-six everywhere else. 

Litchfield, UK supplier for Akrapovic parts, told PH that the part would cost £4,951 including VAT, and that a 15 per cent discount is being offered to trade buyers to make the offer all the more appealing. The firm orders in the part from Slovenia on demand, but for those wanting their GT4 upgrade right now, it already offers (and stocks) a UK-developed “high-end stainless steel” alternative, from £3,594 including VAT. The pipework’s different material gives it a slightly different tone to the Akrapovic one. Suffice to say if you’re lucky enough to have a GT4, you’re not lacking a solution to the GT4's most noticeable issue. 

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