Euro Gems from the 2018 SEMA Show

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – SEMA isn’t all about lifted trucks and muscle cars. European car enthusiasts like to mod their rides too, and scoped out plenty of German, Italian, and British metal on the show floor.

Porsche tuner Rod Emory had several builds featured in booths throughout the convention center and we’re particularly fond of his black 1959 Emory Outlaw Porsche 356 in the Porsche Booth.

The APR and Dinan booth had some beefy builds, including the godfather of all VW tunes, a 536-hp Golf R RLMS.

A more controversial build was the Bentley Continental GT coupe slammed low to the ground and parked right in front of the show’s entrance—you decide if that’s a good look.

Take a look at some of our favorite European car builds right here.

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