Pontiac Firebird Lovers Need to See This Barn Find Auction

Barn finds aren’t exactly that common, and usually, there’s just one car involved, which is why this discovery of nine cars—mostly Pontiac Firebirds—in Minnesota is so exciting. The cars have since been cleaned up, and now, they’re up for auction on BarnFinds.com.

Whoever put this collection together must’ve been really into Firebirds. There are no less than four Super Duty variants, a Formula 500, and a straight-up drag car among the vehicles available. According to BarnFinds.com, the cars were all taken out of their long-standing home and transported to Restore a Muscle Car LLC., a shop in Lancaster County, Nebraska, where they were cleaned up and prepped for sale. They now present nicely, save for one five-speed Trans Am project car that’s still in need of a full restoration.

All nine cars are now up for auction on BarnFinds.com, with high bids ranging from $20,000 to $200. Check them out for yourself right here.

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