This Guy Bought An Outwardly Perfect But Insurance-Totalled R8 For 'Half Price'

The R8 featured in these two videos certainly looks tidy enough, so how the hell did this guy manage to snag it for less than half the going rate for an early, used V8 model? It’s simple: there’s damage you can’t see.

It was listed as having undercarriage damage on the salvage advert, and after a little disassembly, YouTuber Samcrac found the problem: the front portion of the frame is cracked on one side near the strut top mount. Audi apparently added reinforcement parts either side a year after this 2010 example was built, which might well have prevented this fracture from happening.

The front frame will need to be re-aligned, welded and probably reinforced, something which isn’t going to be easy. Thankfully the main frame rails are fine, but will this work out to be the bargain supercar Samcrac has been hoping for by the time it’s finished? We’ll be watching with interest…

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