This Incredible Ferrari Enzo Mural Is Made Entirely of Golf Tees

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

What is art? That’s as open-ended a question as you’ll ever find. Scholars have debated it endlessly. Pretty much every college in the world offers at least a semester-long class devoted to talking about the philosophy behind it. Everyone has an opinion on it whether they realize it or not, but there are two factors that generally hold true regardless of anything else. Some measure of creativity is involved, and the beauty always lies within the eye of the beholder.

With that in mind, consider this very interesting Ferrari Enzo mural from Voulté, a niche car company that most decidedly thinks outside the box. There are many who regard the supercar itself as a work of art, but on the flip side, we’ve never heard anyone wax poetic on the artistic nature of golf tees. And yet, someone had the creative vision to combine these very dissimilar worlds into this large mural, and the result is simply astonishing.

Yes, this Enzo depiction is made completely with golf tees – approximately 144,000 golf tees to be specific. In essence, each tee is not unlike a single pixel on your computer monitor or television screen, with 36 different colors used to create a head-on view of the Ferrari. 17 different shades of red alone were carefully placed to get the shading right, with the entire project taking five months to complete. The result speaks for itself – there’s no what any car enthusiast could not immediately recognize this as an Enzo. And it’s all from different colored golf tees. Amazing.

But is it art? Golf tees aren’t especially creative, but arranging them in a manner to create this automotive icon is insanely creative. As for the product itself, its beauty of course lies within the eye of the beholder, to which we can only say our eyes behold an incredible work of art. The lines are beautiful, and the reflections are captured in a remarkable fashion. And it’s all done with golf tees? How can this not be art in a grand fashion?

Voulté advertises custom-built vehicles as well as the possibility of creating other murals upon request. If this kind of attention-to-detail goes into the company’s real-life creations, we simply must see more.

Source: Voulté 

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