2019 Jaguar I-Pace trails Tesla with 234-mile electric range

The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace electric car won’t go as far on a full charge as a Tesla Model X. Jaguar last week said that the 2019 I-Pace is rated at 234 miles of electric range, a drop of 6 miles its initial estimate for the I-Pace’s maximum traveling distance.

By comparison, the base Tesla Model X is rated at 238 miles of electric range.

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The Jaguar I-Pace has a much larger battery capacity than the Model X. Its 90-kwh lithium-ion pack is 15 kwh greater than the base Tesla pack. Tesla offers a larger pack rated as high as 295 miles of range.

The 2019 I-Pace’s range doesn’t come close to the 258 miles offered by the smaller, less costly Hyundai Kona EV electric car, either.

Additionally, the I-Pace’s EPA-rated MPGe scores lag behind its competitors. MPGe is based on how far a vehicle can travel using the amount of energy equivalent to a gallon of gasoline. The EPA said that the I-Pace is rated at 72 MPGe city, 72 highway, 76 combined, figures well behind the Model X’s 91/95/93 MPGe.

On a Level 2 home charger, the I-Pace will need 10 hours to reach 80-percent battery charge, and nearly 13 hours to reach 100 percent. A 50-kw fast charger can replenish its battery pack to 80 percent in about 90 minutes.

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