Check Out This Matte Black Tesla Model X With HRE S209 Wheels

Eco-friendly family hauler looks ready for the mean streets of Los Angeles

When Tesla came up with the Model X, everybody was surprised. After all, a fully electric, seven-seat, luxury SUV that packs quite a heavy high-performance punch was not what we’d expect from this vehicle. However, after years of being on the market, the Model X is proving to be one of the most appealing battery powered family haulers out there.

The Tesla Model X P90D is not the best performer in the family. It is topped off by the P100D model. However, the X is still a rather capable machine. The Tesla Model X P90D – when in Ludicrous mode – can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. It will race to the end of the quarter mile in just 11.7 seconds at 116.0 mph. Those are some supercar-level performance figures right there. While the SUV from the American based carmaker is mostly a family car, there are some owners who like to spice them up a bit. Adding a few subtle exterior modifications and the Model X becomes a powerful looking, aggressive high-performance electric beast.


This particular Matte Black Model X comes from Wheels Boutique. It features the gorgeous exterior wrap, giving it quite a menacing & unique look. The matte Black wrap is offset by a red Tesla logo in the front and rear. Furthermore, the vehicle features a set of HRE S209H forged wheels, perfectly complementing this vehicle. The wheels come sized 22×9 and 22×19 in the front and rear. The wheels feature a Satin Black finish for the centers and Gloss Black finish for the lips. In turn, this is one Model X that will turn heads anywhere it goes.

You can check a full media gallery of this Model X build right below.

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