New Tesla In Need Of A Repair? Check If It Was Marked Goodwill

Naming warranty services as goodwill repairs may be a questionable strategy.

The warning came from our reader Sergio Rodriguez. Like Jason Hughes, he turned into news instead of merely reading them. That happened after his Tesla Model X hit a puddle and leaked water on the A-pillar. While trying to get that issue fixed at the Palm Springs Tesla Service Center, he noticed the repair was classified as “Goodwill – Service.” Rodriguez found two possible reasons for that. According to an attorney, Rodriguez is very right about his hypotheses. Both show a strategy that is – at the very least – debatable.

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What called Rodriguez’s attention was a sudden change in the way the Tesla Service Center was dealing with his case.

“Initially, when they checked the windshield, it was classified as ‘basic vehicle warranty.’ The final invoice was changed to ‘goodwill.’ I noticed that and spoke to a few other owners.”

Rodriguez clarifies what goodwill is from a legal perspective.

“It is something that is done when there isn’t a warranty or they do it for customer satisfaction. Not warranty defects.”

Weird, right? Why would a warranty repair be named as “goodwill?” This is the first explanation Rodriguez found for that.

“My invoice shows some ‘warranty repairs’ as ‘goodwill repairs,’ which don’t count towards the lemon law.”