On Halloween, Even The Dead Drive A Tesla Model 3

You didn’t think this day would pass without us providing some Halloween-related content, did you?

First of all, Happy Halloween! A wonderful holiday in which we get to walk around in the cold and stay up too late on a work night (and school night). Not to mention, many kids have a half day of school to put an additional damper on productivity. Time to get them all hopped up with sugar and then deal with the repercussions. While Halloween may be a blast when you’re a kid, it sometimes seems like a punishment to parents. However, there are some adults out there that are surely making the best of it, like this Tesla Model 3 owner.

Can you imagine the looks from people that don’t know about Tesla Summon Mode? Even better would be Tesla Autopilot, however, we know that would be a terrible idea … and illegal. Perhaps someone could film it on a closed track? Hopefully someday, when Full Self Driving technology comes along, we’ll be able to publish a video of a ghoul or goblin driving a Tesla vehicle down the road. Until then, you can Summon the dead to pull your car out of the garage.

Video Description via iamGEEKshow on YouTube:

Halloween, Tesla-Style

No bones about it, this Tesla Model 3 drives like a dream. Even the dead want a spin.


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