Roadie Lets You View TeslaCam And Sentry Mode Videos On Your Phone

Just plug it in and check them in a convenient way.

Fernando Corrado’s story was only possible thanks to Tesla Sentry Mode. Chris Fenton’s still a mystery, but think about it: if you could check Sentry Mode videos immediately after getting a push, wouldn’t it be convenient? Tesla will perhaps offer that possibility. While it doesn’t, you can have a Roadie instead of a USB stick connected to your EV.

Gallery: Roadie Is A Device That Lets You Watch Tesla-Made Videos Immediately

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You must be asking what Roadie is, right? The video above, made by the Tesla Raj YouTube channel, tells us more about this fantastic device. It is basically a Raspberry Pi Zero programmed by Jake Luciani to store, protect, and make the videos your Tesla records with TeslaCam or Sentry Mode available to your smartphone. That implies you can save them or share them instantly.

While Tesla erases the videos after about one hour or two, to save space, Roadie keeps them for more time. It is a handy solution for those accidents in which you did not have time to deal with the video, and it ends up lost. A hit-and-run, for example, or something as unexpected as that.