T-REX Creator Updates Us On The Trailer And His Failed Tesla Experience

At least he managed to make Tesla buy his Model X back.

The first and last time we talked about James Klafehn so far was in October 2018. He had just developed a range-extender trailer called T-REX, and Rich Benoit told us his story. We considered talking more about him in January 2020, when he reported his frustrating experience with his Model X. The video above shows how the T-REX and his Tesla got along. For the record, Tesla repurchased the Model X.

As Klafehn states in the description, he shot this video in September 2019. He was not sure to post it or not because he feared he could lose the warranty on his car due to the changes he made for it to accept the T-REX. Now that he no longer has the vehicle, Klafehn thought it would be ok to release the video, even if he fears Tesla can sue him for it.

In the video below, published on June 29, the T-REX creator states he reached a deal with Tesla and just received the check for the buyback of his Model X.