Tesla Model 3 Paint Is Not Of A Good Standard, UK Inspection Says

Dekra points out it has “thinning in places and paint flake with blemishes in others.”

You probably read about Ben Trudgill’s case here at InsideEVs. He had the first Tesla Model 3 paint issue case in the UK that we had heard about. Trudgill has been trying to get his car fixed ever since. And he hasn’t managed to repair it so far, but he had the paint job inspected. The results are very similar to those Joni Savolainen obtained with his Finnish Chamber of Commerce’s inspection. Perhaps even more assertive: it “is not of a good standard for a new vehicle.”

Trudgill’s story was written on February 7, 2020. Ever since, we have not reported a new case. Not because they are not happening anymore: the Facebook group “Tesla Model S,3,X owners worldwide with paint issues” and its 1,689 members makes it very clear they have become so common they are not news anymore. What is news is clients suing Tesla for the issues, such as Jean-François Bellerose did in Canada. Or another inspection, such as the one Trudgill had.

The Tesla customer tried to solve his problem with the help of the Motor Ombudsman. This official resolution body helps car buyers solve issues by submitting the vehicles to an independent inspection.