Tesla Model 3 Production Down As Mid Range Ramp Begins

Production at the Tesla Factory decreased to 5,000 S/X/3 per week

Tesla’s ramp-up is kind of a neverending story of almost 1.5 years since the introduction of the Model 3. The most recent news is that the end of October brought a significant decrease in production rate.

Electrek’s sources say that Tesla was producing only 5,000 cars per week (including about 3,500 Model 3), which is less than in the preceding week – 6,500, including about 4,400 Model 3 and far from peak output.

The reasons behind slowing production could be a transition to the Tesla Model 3 Mid Range version and maybe some new upgrades on the production lines that will enable an increase in production to 7,000 Model 3 per week.

Overall, in October, Tesla produced apparently some 30,000 cars (including about 20,100 Model 3), which is the best start of the quarter ever for the automaker.

It’s not looking like a six-digit sales result for the quarter will probably not be achieved:

Source: Electrek

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