Tesla Model Y Review: Autotrader Spends Some Time In The Tesla Crossover

The mainstream Tesla Model Y reviews are finally starting to come in.

We’ve been waiting longer than anticipated for all the popular mainstream automotive media websites to come forth with their Tesla Model Y reviews. This is because the Model Y came to market toward the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and related shutdowns. Edmunds finally got its long-term Model Y recently, and now Autotrader’s first review is out.

We love to compare reviews from all the automotive media. Each publication has a bit of a different perspective, so you can take all the reviews, lump them together, and get a solid idea of the car’s worth (or failure). Autotrader was especially curious about the Tesla crossover’s build quality and paint, due to previous examples of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. It notes that “things appear to be changing for the better with the Model Y.”

We should be clear that we love all the independent YouTube reviews as well. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t share them. Those videos and reviews often get into details and topics you won’t necessarily find in a more traditional review.

However, we can’t be blind to the fact that many of those YouTube reviewers are longtime Tesla owners, so they may struggle to be impartial. Many Tesla owners love their cars to a fault. Fortunately, some of the owners we follow are willing to provide pros and cons about their vehicles.

At any rate, check out Autotrader’s Model Y review video above, as well as the written details below. Then, scroll down and leave us some comments.

Video Description via Autotrader on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y | Review | Autotrader

For Elon, the Y here needs to stand for “Yes, I’d love one!” The Tesla Model Y is an incredibly important vehicle for the automaker. Consumers crave compact crossovers, which is exactly what the Y delivers to the California carmaker’s lineup. It needs to sell well because at the end of the day Tesla is in the business of selling cars, regardless of what the stock price is doing.

One of the biggest questions surrounding not just the Model Y, but any new Tesla is build quality. Early examples of the Model S, X, and 3 appear to have been built in very fancy sheds. Paint quality was all over the place as well as panel alignment. Things appear to be changing for the better with the Model Y though, as factory specs and quality control are tightening. That results in a more consistent and better product, which is crucial on a vehicle as important to Tesla as the Model Y.

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