Tesla Navigate On Autopilot Takes On Tricky Double Exit

How does Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot fare in tough, real-world scenarios?

Now that Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot feature has been released, we’re starting to see more reviews of the feature. Even Consumer Reports has already tested it out, although there’s no video from the publication. In the video above, YouTuber and Tesla fan Erik Strait takes us for a lengthy ride to show exactly what the new system can handle. It’s by far one of the best demonstrations of the technology we’ve seen to date. Overall, he’s extremely impressed, however, it’s clear that there are still some quirks.

Navigate on Autopilot is a beta release and still requires hands on the wheel and user feedback. You also have to confirm lane changes by using the turn signal or stalk, but in the future, this confirmation will be able to be disabled by the driver.

Erik specifically tackles areas of roadway that are difficult and/or that his Tesla Autopilot technology wasn’t able to handle in the past. He seems pleasantly surprised that the system fares well. There are times that it wants to hug the right line or nearly leave the lane when a lane is ending, but it’s not to the point that he has to intervene, as it doesn’t cross the line or attempt to leave the road. It also tends to marge at the last minute as a lane is ending, but it does so gracefully.

Despite early issues, Navigate on Autopilot packs some incredible features. It handles winding ramps well, slows down or speeds up to makes lane changes, and alerts the driver of upcoming lane changes and/or roadway issues like construction. Erik points out the most “trippy” success is when the technology navigates through a challenging double exit situation. It’s pretty cool to watch. Start the video at the 7:38-mark to watch the lane change, which is followed by the tricky double exit navigation and a tough zipper merge.

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My Experience with Tesla’s Navigate On Autopilot

Bonus video below shows short clip of double exit:

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