Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: April 2022

Tesla, the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, highlighted in its latest quarterly report the current status of its installed capacity.

According to the company, the installed annual capacity of the two main plants – in California and Shanghai – remains the same, at over 1 million per year (total), while the two new plants – in Berlin and Texas – are in the “Early ramp” stage.

Let’s note that during the past four quarters, Tesla produced and delivered more than 1 million electric cars, including over 310,000 electric cars in Q1 2022.

It’s expected that at full scale, the two new plants will be able to produce at least as many cars as the two first plants (potentially even more, especially in the case of Giga Texas). It means 2+ million units per year easily. One of the reports indicates a potential of 1.5 million in 2022.

Tesla says that the plants’ output is constrained:

“In Q1, we saw a continuation of global supply chain, transportation, labor and other manufacturing challenges, limiting our ability to run our factories at full capacity.”

Let’s summarize what we know about the Tesla manufacturing plants.

Tesla Factory in Fremont, California – up to 600,000/year

Tesla’s Fremont factory has the potential to produce up to 500,000 Model 3/Model Y a year plus up to 100,000 refreshed Model S/Model X (both are ramping up).

Tesla Giga Shanghai (Gigafactory 3) in China – over 450,000/year

The Tesla Giga Shanghai plant has the potential to produce over 450,000 Model 3/Model Y per year (no change here). The plant remains the company’s export hub.

In March/April, the plant was temporarily shut down, but currently partially restarted.

“While weekly production rates were strong in Q1, a spike in COVID-19 cases in Shanghai resulted in the temporary shutdown of our factory as well as parts of our supply chain. Although limited production has recently restarted, we continue to monitor the situation closely.”

Tesla Giga Berlin (Gigafactory 4) in Germany

Tesla Giga Berlin, in Grünheide near Berlin in Germany, has starproduction of the Tesla Model Y (powered by 2170-type cylindrical battery cells) in March 2022.

At a later point, the company intends to start production of a new version, powered by 4680-type cylindrical battery cells.

“Production at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg started in March 2022, using non-structural packs with 2170 cells for the start of production. Ultimately, Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will be able to produce Model Ys using both structural packs with 4680 cells as well as non-structural packs with 2170 cells.”

Tesla Giga Texas (Gigafactory 5) in the US

Tesla Giga Texas, under construction in Austin, Texas, started production of the Tesla Model Y in April 2022. This version is equipped with 4680-type cylindrical cells and structural battery packs.

Interestingly, in the future, Tesla intends to produce in Texas also a version with 2170-type battery cells.

“In April 2022, we began Model Y deliveries from our new factory in Austin, Texas. At our Cyber Rodeo opening party, we delivered the first vehicles with 4680 in-house made cells, single-piece front body castings and structural battery packs. This is an important milestone for our capacity growth efforts. Later this year, we expect Gigafactory Texas will be able to produce Model Ys using both structural packs with 4680 cells as well as non-structural packs with 2170 cells.”

The launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, set for production in Texas, is delayed until at least 2023.

Tesla installed manufacturing capacity

  • Total of over 1,050,000 per year (up to 600,000 at the Tesla Factory and over 450,000 at the Gigafactory 3)

Production sites (vehicles/battery systems)

  • Tesla Factory in Fremont, California
    • Model S/X (capacity of up to 100,000 annually) Model S since mid-2012, Model X since late 2015
    • Model 3/Y (capacity of up to 500,000 annually now), Model 3 since mid-2017, Model Y since January 2020
    • Total output of up to 600,000 S/X/3/Y
  • Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada
    • related to lithium-ion cell, module and pack production, energy storage products and drive units
    • nearby, there is also a Tesla Semi pilot facility
    • Tesla Gigafactory 2 in New York
      • Related to solar and some energy storage products
      • Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China
        • Model 3/Y (capacity of over 450,000 annually)
          Model 3 since late 2019, Model Y since December 2020
        • Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
          • under construction
          • Model Y (“early ramp”), Model Y since March 2022
          • Tesla Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas
            • under construction
            • Model Y (“early ramp”), Model Y since April 2022
            • Cybertruck: “in development”, unveiled in late 2019, production after the Model Y, but no earlier than in 2023
            • Tesla Kato Road pilot facility in Fremont, California
              • related to Tesla’s 4680-type cylindrical battery cells
                target: 10 GWh/year cell production
              • Tesla Megapack factory in Lathrop, California
                • related to Tesla Megapack energy storage systems
                  target: 40 GWh/year
                • Unassigned models
                  • Semi: “in development”. Delayed to at least 2023 (but there might be a pilot deployment)
                    (it was expected that the Semi will be produced in Texas, according to Q2 2020 call, but it is unassigned yet)
                  • Roadster: “in development”, probably will be assigned to Fremont Factory (our guess)
                  • “Future Product” – undisclosed: “in development”, unassigned
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