Tesla Registers New Model 3 VINs For Europe

No European invasion just yet.

Tesla opens November with the registration of seven Model 3 VINs for Europe (6 AWD & 1 RWD). Together with 7 reported in September 23 (4 AWD & 3 RWD), and 19 in August, in total 33 European Model 3 VINs were noted by the Model 3 VINs.

We assume that these are among the first units that will be assembled for Europe before series production begins.

We expect that Tesla will register mostly dual motor versions, as selling those first in Europe will be the most profitable option, similarly to the process here in North America.

First deliveries in Europe are expected in early 2019.

#Tesla registered 7 new European #Model3 VINs. ~86% estimated to be dual motor. Highest VIN is 179858. https://t.co/q9kApBD90R

— Model 3 VINs (@Model3VINs) November 3, 2018

Source: Model 3 VINs

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