Tesla Roadster "Starman" Toy Launched By Hot Wheels

Re-issued Tesla Roadster toy warranty is “guaranteed for life”

Hot Wheels launched an updated version of their ’08 Tesla Roadster miniature toy. This newest version is based off Elon Musk’s personal Roadster that was launched into space earlier this year by SpaceX. Adhered to the Roadster’s dashboard was the original 1:64 Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster. Good cross promotion on the part of Tesla, SpaceX and Hot Wheels!

The newest version is available with updated packaging and paint color to match Elon’s Roadster. Sadly, there is no 1:64 “Starman” in the drivers seat. Nor is the model strapped to a 1:64 scale model of the falcon heavy. Most distressing, there is not a 1:128 miniature of the 1:64 miniature Roadster on the dash.

The packaging also claims that Elon’s Roadster is the “1st car to orbit the sun!” This isn’t quite correct considering every single car on planet earth is orbiting the sun. But “first production car to exit earth and orbit the sun” does not have quite the same ring to it.

Overall this is a fun, affordable collectible. The back of the packaging has additional fun facts such as:

  • Top Speed: 77,000 MPH
  • Actual Miles Driven: Over 5 million miles and soaring!
  • Booster Rocket: SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Check out the video above or read this article at collectspace.com for more info!

Video Description via  HotDiecast Garage on YouTube:

The famous Tesla Roadster in space is becoming a new 2019 Hot Wheels car! Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster was launched into orbit with a Hot Wheels car inside, so Hot Wheels decided to honor the tiny space Tesla with a new edition this year! The newest Tesla Roadster should be part of the 2019 A Case, so be sure to look out for this intergalactic toy! If you want to stay up to date with the latest Hot Wheels cars and news be sure to subscribe here at HotDiecast Garage and thanks for watching!

See you space cowboy…

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