Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Is Fully Functional, Despite False Reports

Folks betting against Tesla want us to believe otherwise.

Some reports remain skeptical about whether or not Tesla is actually completing the entire made-in-China Model 3 production process at the Shanghai Gigafactory. There have been plenty of lies spread that insist Tesla is building these cars in the U.S., at least partially, and then shipping them to China. This is because of other reports that say the automaker doesn’t have a stamping press at the factory in China.

The strange part here is we saw images of the stamping press months ago. However, of course, naysayers tried to convince people that the images of the inside of the Chinese Gigafactory were actually taken at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, even though it was abundantly clear that was never the case.

This all started when Tesla broke ground for Gigfactory 3 just over a year ago. Reports said the factory would never be completed, it would never be fully functional, it would bankrupt Tesla, etc. However, the company was able to get the factory up in record time and even begin cranking out cars way ahead of expectations. Moreover, the Model 3 vehicles coming out of Gigafactory 3 appear to be in top-notch form.

Tesla has definitely had issues in the past and will continue to falter as time goes on. However, positive progress like its efforts in China, in addition to the fact that it’s working a fourth manufacturing facility, which will be located near Berlin, Germany, are proving that it has the ability to succeed at a much higher level than some people are willing to accept.

We’ve included a few related video tweets below that show the Gigafactory 3 stamping press in action:


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