Tesla's China Factory Will Build Model 3 & Model Y

Regulatory filing now confirms what we had long ago believed to be the case.

Both the Tesla Model 3 and upcoming Model Y will be built in high volume at Tesla’s soon-to-open factory in China.

Reuters reports:

“Tesla Inc’s Shanghai Gigafactory is planning to produce two models in its first phase project, a Shanghai government filing showed on Wednesday.”

As mentioned, we alluded to this being the case some time way back when (November 2017, to be precise), but it’s now confirmed via a filing.

This confirms what Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously stated too:

“[Tesla] won’t be making Model S and Model X, but we’ll be making probably Model 3, probably Model Y primarily for the local Chinese market and it’s really the only way to make the cars affordable in China, but it’s three years out, so.”

Reuters adds:

“The new factory, based in eastern China, aims to manufacture Model 3 and Model Y cars, with annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles, according to a filing by the environmental assessment firm conducting a feasibility study for the project.”

We’ve still yet to see the Tesla Model Y in production or even prototype form, but hints suggest we may get a peek at it before the end of this year.

Below is the lone teaser released thus far by Tesla of the Model Y.

Official Tesla Model Y Teaser

Source: Reuters

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