Watch As First-Time Tesla Autopilot Users Are Terrified

How do these people react during their maiden voyage with Tesla Autopilot?

YouTuber and Tesla Model 3 owner model3man received some special requests. People asked him to film family members’ first impressions as they got behind the wheel and experienced Tesla Autopilot. He warns us that since you only get one chance to make a “first time” video, the camera work is not perfect. Nonetheless, it’s pretty interesting to see to the look on people’s faces and hear their comments when the Tesla is driving itself.

model3man begins by trying out Tesla Autopilot himself and showing us how it works. Then, he puts three different family members in the driver’s seat to compare their reactions. The consensus is they aren’t sure if they can trust the car. This is a good thing. Remember, Autopilot is a Beta product and should never be trusted or relied upon. Instead, it should be used as a driving aid. With that being said, these drivers should have had their hands on the wheel at all times and been ready to react instantly.

Have you tried Tesla Autopilot? What was your first impression? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via model3man on YouTube:

How do you react when you feel your life is threatened? Perhaps a little like the reactions you’ll see in this upload – I was fortunate that my wife and daughters all agreed to let me video them during their FIRST EVER use of Autopilot in Red Dragon! Their terror, amazement, alarm make for interesting viewing and will perhaps help you when you or your family members first use it!

This is a fun episode. It came because of several requests in the comments sections over the last 3 months. Comments like: “Why don’t you do an upload showing how the rest of your family react to using Autopilot for the very first time. That’ll be very cool!”

Well, the more I thought about it, the more attractive it sounded. Now, you only get one shot at a “first time” video, so please forgive any bad camera angles or occasional annoying lighting. Top priority was simply getting the action as it happened. You’ll see how each of the three (Janine, Jillian and Philippa) react VERY differently, in line with their personalities. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to make and I hope it’s just as much fun to watch!

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