Watch How Brilliant Driving Skills Prevent This Tesla Model 3 From Crashing

The quick response by the Model 3 driver prevented a crash.

It wasn’t Autopilot, but rather the quick responses from the driver of this Tesla Model 3 that avoided a crash. However, the Model 3 nearly hit a cement barrier in the process. It didn’t though and that’s why we consider this bit of driving brilliant.

Reacting to a car that is about to hit you isn’t easy. If you overreact, then typically you lose control of your own car and possibly crash into either another vehicle or some sort of barrier. In this case, the driver’s reaction is perfect. The Model 3 comes very close to the cement divider, but it does not impact it.

The end result is no accident at all and no, Tesla Autopilot was not on, nor did it intervene in this instance. It simply a bit of brilliant driving and an alert person behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3.

As always, be alert out there as you never know when another driver will make an ill-timed move such as the one seen here in this video. Check it out from multiple camera angles in the video above and then let us know your thoughts in regards to the move made by the Model 3 driver in comments below. We have just one word for it…brilliant.


Video description via Simon Schneider on YouTube:

Recorded during highway drive in Germany with my Model 3 – AWD. No AP activated. No system helped, dodged this by myself.

August 2019


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