Watch the Reveal of the Ford F-150 Lightning Here

The long-awaited reveal of the battery-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is hours away, with Ford ready to take the covers off its next electric model. We got a glimpse of the front design of the truck yesterday when President Joe Biden visited Dearborn, Michigan, and went for a spin in the truck, revealing a few details of its interior as well as the weight of its battery—1800s lbs, according to the President—giving industry watchers some clue as to the truck’s range. (It will be long).

The Presidential first drive of the F-150 Lightning also demonstrated the truck’s lightning-quick launches, said to be quick as 4.4 seconds to 60 mph, according to the President.

All the speculation will come to an end tonight when Ford reveals the F-150 Lightning and its specs, ahead of the start of the first deliveries in Spring 2022. Ford’s presentation will start at 9:30 pm Eastern Time on your screen below.

The biggest questions tonight for EV fans are likely to center around numbers: the expected EPA range, motor performance stats, battery capacity, towing capacity, and, of course, the price. The design and most of the functionality of the truck itself, on the other hand, should be quite familiar to Ford truck buyers, designed around the 2021 model that debuted last summer.

The 14th-generation model that was revealed last June represented a careful evolution when it came to design and versatility, while also adding plenty of interior tech features, including a 12-inch center screen and no fewer than 11 grille options. As we saw yesterday the Lightning will add its own grille option or two, in addition to a unique light signature with a horizontal LED strip stretching across the top of the front end, joining the two headlights.

When deliveries of the electric F-150 start next spring, the EV pickup category should have quite a few players, including the more expensive (and heavier) GMC Hummer that will enter production later this year; the Rivian R1T that will begin arriving next month; and perhaps even Tesla’s controversially styled Cybertruck. Chevy’s own electric Silverado isn’t far on the horizon either, so in a short span of time EV truck buyers will have an enviable variety of choices. The age of the EV pickup truck is almost here.

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