What If Tesla Summon Was Actually A Real Person? You Know, A Chauffeur

This video shows precisely why technology like Tesla Summon is a good idea for the future.

Tesla Summon is still far from perfect. The same can be said about Tesla Autopilot in general. Moreover, fully self-driving cars are still far off. However, the technology is constantly improving. Since some humans simply can’t be trusted, features like this will work to save lives now and into the future.

While this Tesla Summon video will make you laugh, it also has a point. The best part is it proves its point in a very short, almost calming video, with nice music and no talking. My Tesla Adventure president Eli Burton is also a part of the story.

We have a request. After watching this brief video, we’d like a show of hands – comment section, of course – if you think Alex Guberman (E for Electric) should produce more humorous, but informative videos like this? We try to post some humorous content on occasion, and this is especially true in the midst of the COVID-10 pandemic. We believe people need a laugh.

We’d rather not give away any details here. You just really have to watch it. However, we will say the video was inspired by the CollegeHumor series, ‘If Google Was a Guy.’ If you aren’t familiar, add it to your weekend watchlist. We’ve included one video below for your enjoyment.

Video Description via E for Electric on YouTube:

If Tesla Summon Was a Guy

Tesla Smart Summon is not perfect but… we may have an explanation! This humorous take on Tesla was inspired by the “If Google Was a Guy” series by CollegeHumor. The “Tesla Owner” is played by this channel’s contributor and the president of My Tesla Adventure Eli Burton.

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