Callaway Will Sell You a 630-HP Camaro for $54,000

If you’re looking for cheap power, Callaway has the car for you. It’s just launched the Camaro SC630, a $54,000 Camaro with a supercharged V-8 making 630 horsepower.

The base SC630 is based on the Camaro LT1, an affordable V-8 trim launched last year. The package includes Callaway’s third-gen supercharger, along with its bespoke intercooler setup, intake system, and engine calibration. The result is 630 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque at the crank—175 horsepower and 155 lb-ft over stock. If you want that type of power from the factory, you’d have to shell out at least $64,695 for a ZL1.

Of course, to get the price that low, there’s little else that comes with the SC630 package. There’s some exterior badging, embroidered floor mats, a unique build plaque, and a set of Callaway key fobs, but items like the brakes and the suspension remain unmodified.

If you’d rather start off with a more highly-specced Camaro from the factory, Callaway says its SC630 upgrade can also be ordered with 1SS and 2SS variants. And if you want even more power, tuner also offers a 750-horsepower SC750 package for the Camaro ZL1.

All of Callaway’s Camaros come included with a 3 year, 36,000-mile warranty meant to supplement GM’s factory warranty. The company claims its the “most comprehensive coverage of any aftermarket manufacturer.”

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