Listen to the New Mid-Engine Corvette Race Car Testing at Night

After seeing the new mid-engine Corvette race car for the first time back in August, we’ve been dying for info. While Chevy has remained silent, a video of the car testing at Sebring International Raceway at night has made it onto the internet for all of us to watch.

Because it’s so dark, the video doesn’t give us much in terms of looks—but this is very obviously a similar car to the one we saw a few months ago. This time, the lights are on, so we get our first look at what the taillights on the road car should look like, and it appears to have some massive headlights.

The other news here is the sound. It’s the first time we’re hearing the mid-engine Corvette race car on the move. It’s almost certainly a V8, though specifics, like displacement, aren’t yet known. From these clips it reminds me of a Ferrari 488 GT3, high-pitched and raspy. It sounds like it would fit right in at any World Endurance Championship race. Here, listen for yourself and decide:

It’ll probably be at least a few months before we see the car fully unveiled, so these clips and the pictures we obtained earlier in the year are what we’ll have to go off. We can’t wait.

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