No, The Huracan Doesn't Have a Factory Limit on the Number of Launches You Can Do

One feature that’s expected to be standard on all performance cars with some sort of automated gearbox is launch control. Intended to be a foolproof way to get a perfect dig off the line every time it’s used, you typically use it by putting your left foot hard on the brake and right foot flat on the gas. The computers then rev the car to a pre-determined RPM, and when the brakes are released it’ll drop the clutch and rocket off the line without any drama. It may be a ton of fun, but it’s also a violent procedure that can be rough on a car’s drivetrain.

A rumor recently began circulating that Lamborghini has factory-programmed software in its Huracan supercar that limits the amount of times launch control can be used throughout the life of the car. Seen by Parker Nirenstein of Vehicle Virgins on YouTube in a video about his Huracan, and then picked up by Reddit, we decided to ask Lamborghini to see if there was any truth to it. Turns out, there’s no limiter.

Nirenstein’s car, which was modified with a supercharger from VF Engineering, was throwing error codes, namely a fuel tank malfunction and a cam position sensor. As Nik Saran of VF notes in the video above, those codes could be the reason why the car wasn’t going into launch mode. As with most new performance cars, if the computer senses anything’s out of place (such as oil temperature, tire pressure, etc.), it will restrict performance to save itself from any possible further damage.

However, around the 17:00 mark, Saran plugs in a computer and notes that the car has been in launch mode 250 times since new. That’s a lot of launches. Nirenstein goes on to claim that the 250 launches had triggered a factory-set software limiter on launches. He says it could be reflashed to extend the limit, which he intends to do, because he likes launching the car.

However, a Lamborghini representative told us this is merely a counter for the number of launches done and there is no maximum amount of launches. The representative also said there is no set number of launches that will void the transmission’s warranty. That means, in theory, the number of recorded launches shouldn’t impact whether a transmission repair would be covered under warranty. Furthermore, the counter would be reset if a car were to receive a new gearbox replacement. That means the 250 launches were a coincidental number that appeared at the same time as the other faults that the car had, but not the reason why the car couldn’t launch anymore.

Testing programs for new supercars are rigorous, and ensure that the car can withstand the most intense use. We found that out first hand when we launched a Porsche 911 Turbo 61 consecutive times (we intended to do 50 and… miscounted) without issue:

So, if you’re a Huracan owner who’s afraid they’re about to hit the maximum number of launches on your car, don’t be. That limit does not exist.

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