Someone Bought the Plans and Tooling for the Aston Martin Vanquish

The second-generation Aston Martin Vanquish went out in style for the 2018 model year with the gorgeous Vanquish S Volante drop top you see above. The naturally aspirated V12 tourer was replaced in the Aston lineup by the new DBS Superleggera, but the Vanquish story might not be over: a mystery buyer has purchased all the Vanquish tooling and design plans from Aston Martin.

Automotive News brings us this tidbit, gleaned from Aston Martin’s financial documents published in September when the automaker went public. In June of this year, an unnamed buyer ponied up roughly $26 million for the tooling and design drawings associated with the Vanquish coupe and convertible.

Who? And why? A number of possibilities present themselves. The Vanquish was the top of Aston’s line, with a sonorous V12 and carbon fiber bodywork, but it was an aging design, dating back to 2012. The buyer also gains access to 18 months of advising from Aston Martin Consulting, which points to the possibility that the customer wishes to build a run of new vehicles.

Automotive News points out that Lotus is experienced in bonded-aluminum sports car construction (the technique used to build the Vanquish), and that it’s flush with money from new owner Geely. But a front-engine grand tourer isn’t the sort of vehicle Lotus generally likes to build. Would a tuning shop that’s dabbled in modified Vanquishes want to go full-steam ahead building a continuation run of the vehicle? Perhaps—Automotive News mentions Mansory and Ares as possibilities on that front.

And then there’s Zagato, which has done jaw-dropping Vanquish-based shooting brakes and speedsters. Maybe you’ll be able to buy a Zagato Vantage sometime soon?

When reached by Jalopnik, an Aston Martin representative was “not able to discuss certain conditions of the commercial arrangement.” Are you the mystery buyer?

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