The New Bronco Is Hidden in This Baby Bronco Photo

Today, images from Ford’s October dealership meeting leaked online, showing what certainly looks like a new retro-inspired 4×4. Some automotive outlets contend that this is the long-promised 2020 Bronco; we believe it’s the “baby Bronco,” a smaller crossover that will slot beneath the larger, more off-road-oriented machine that will bear the Bronco name. And a new piece of evidence has us feeling even more confident about our assertion.

As pointed out by the eagle-eyed viewers at the Bronco6G forum, the shadow behind the orange “baby Bronco” sure looks a hell of a lot like a bigger, boxier 4×4. Take a closer look:


Why would Ford put a bigger, boxier shadow behind a more rounded-off, crossover-style SUV? We think this is a major hint that the orange vehicle seen here is the “baby Bronco,” and that the shadow behind it is the bigger, badder Bronc that will take on the Jeep Wrangler.

Recall that, back in March, Ford showed a teaser image of a 4×4 under a spattered sheet. It was big and boxy, just like the original Bronco, complete with a tailgate-mounted spare tire. You’ll note that the baby Bronco, which we think was teased in a different image, is more rounded-off, and lacks the tailgate-mounted spare tire.

Is that the baby Bronco’s taillight on the left?

Consider also what Ford’s mission is for the next decade: Beating Jeep. They even said as much at the dealer meeting last month where these baby Bronco images were found:


Now look again at the baby Bronco. It’s relatively small, sort of low to the ground. If it has a full-size spare tire, it’s not visible anywhere on the body. In Jeep-speak, it’s more Renegade sized than Wrangleresque, and it doesn’t seem to have the lift-off roof that we keep hoping the new Bronco will offer.

So, folks, there you have it. There’s a bigger, badder Bronco to come. It’ll be sold alongside this “baby Bronco,” though we don’t know what the smaller SUV will be called.

Come to think of it, we kind of like the name “baby Bronco.” Though, a more historically accurate name might be “Bronco II.”

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