1.5 years with my Suzuki Access 125: Likes, dislikes and problems faced

During this time, I clocked over 17,000 km and the fuel efficiency has been around 50 km/l.

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Purchased in May 2022. It has been 1.5 years. Cost- Rs 1,03,000 (Top model) in Sonipat, Haryana.

During Delivery

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Other scooters considered

Activa and Jupiter. Selected Access as we have old generation access (2012) (Review link – LINK (11 Years with a Suzuki Access 125 | Ownership Review) ) trust factor, good service centre relation, good acceleration and smooth ride.

Odometer Reading


  • Daily Running – 50 KM ish
  • Mileage 50 KMPL (Not tank to tank)
  • Tyre
  • Front – 90/90 – 12
  • Rear – 90/100 – 10
  • Engine – 4- Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Air Cooled.
  • Brakes – Front – Disc. Rear – Drum.


  • Acceleration – Less effort to get going from a complete stop and have good power throughout.
  • Seat – The seat is wide and soft and provides a comfortable ride for both occupants.
  • Suspension – Ride quality is good, not stiff as old generation access. It absorbs bumps and goes over speed breakers easily.
  • Disk brake – Appreciate them over drum brakes.
  • Lock – Love the locking mechanism of access plus they provided a button for shutter lock whereas in the old generation you have to do it manually.

  • Ground Clearance – It’s ample, no problem at all.
  • LED headlight- Throw is good.

  • Mobile Charging – Would come in handy when running low on power. Never used it though.

  • Exhaust Cover – Exhaust pipe has a cover.

  • Storage – It is wide and deep.


  • LED Headlight – LED lights don’t go well with Fog. I find it difficult to see with white LED light. (You see more when the light is OFF compared to when it’s ON)
  • Key – The key can only be inserted from one side only, not upside down.
  • Combi Brake – Not a fan of them, I feel less confident with new access. (Maybe I am accustomed to old and use new access occasionally)
  • Fuel cap – Hate the lock mechanism. Have faced problems many times. (more on that below)

  • Button quality – The button quality (Horn, turn signal) provided is a downgrade from the old generation.
  • Fuel pump – Fuel pump noise is high (when you turn on ignition it can be heard) but it goes away after 2-3 seconds.
  • No headlight button – Can’t turn off headlight.
  • Poor design – Not a fan of new access prefer old design (Subjective)
  • Protection bar – It protrudes more and covers the side footrest area plus the footrest is little inside to my liking.

  • The small foot ride provides good comfort but I don’t like this design.

  • Useless side view mirrors – The Chrome mirrors provided (with the top variant) are useless, can’t see a thing.
  • Digital Cluster – Call me old school but I prefer analog over digital.
  • Fuel – Total fuel bars are 5. As it is direct injection, you have to keep an eye on the fuel level (We were told to keep at least 3 bars of fuel and not to fill above 4 bars by the sales executive as a low level of fuel means the fuel pump has to work more and may lead to pump failure and then possible engine damage too) I wasn’t happy, exchanged few words with the service and sales guy because this kind of thing should be told before purchase)

Things I want

  • Pass button
  • Headlight Button
  • Fuel cap location under the seat

Service Cost

Always got it serviced at an authorized service centre. Applied for AMC card (Rs 950 ish) as daily use is more. It includes a discount on parts, labour charges, 4 extra washing and a few more items.

Problems faced


Have faced starting issue. Sometimes it won’t start (battery is good) IMO it has to do something with the engine kill switch. Was testing the switch for educational purposes and it would not start. What I did?

  • Started it using self-start.
  • Pressed the engine kill switch (after waiting for 5 seconds)
  • Tried to restart it with self start, it cranks but won’t start.
  • Turned off the ignition and waited a few seconds, turned the ignition to ON, tried starting it, still no luck. (Did this step 2 more times)
  • Finally decided to use kick and it started after 2-3 kicks. weird eh! Lesson learned don’t use engine kill switch.


Fuel cap – Faced problem multiple times with the cap (not closing).

  • Within a few months of purchase, encountered a problem (fuel cap not closing) went to the service centre and they said it working fine.
  • After a few more months faced it again went to SC again, told them to change it under warranty, they said they are going to call a Suzuki engineer to take a look, he would come after a week and would decide whether to change it or not (was unable to go when engineer came)
  • In September 2023 had a devastating experience closing the stupid cap at Petrol Station. Went again to SC and strictly advised them to do something (Was given an excuse, Sir we told you to come when an engineer was available but you didn’t) I checked other Access scooters too at the SC and the same problem on them, looks like it is in all new Access. I asked them to change it but they said you will have to change the front lock too (Expense out of our pocket). After all WD40 was applied, now it’s somewhat easier to close it. Looks like need to apply oil to the lock every month.

Parts that need replacement

  • Tail light has developed cracks in 1.5 years.

  • Turn signal switch needs replacement.
  • Rear tyre will need replacement around 20K KM.

Ride was dirty, my apologies.

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