10-lakh rupee replacement for my Maruti Ertiga

I would really like a 7 seater car since we are a family of 5, one child and one baby on the way for the other couple. However, it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice.

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Hey folks, hope everyone is safe and well. I am seeking help from the experts because me being the noob that I am, have burnt a lot of midnight oil in the last one week on Team-BHP and other websites but the more I read, the more I am lost in the sea of information that is out there. So here is my predicament.

I used Swift Dzire Diesel from 2009 to 2016 and that is when I came to this amazing forum. For those who are interested, my travelogue from Mumbai to Punjab back then created a lot of noise because I mentioned I drove in the opposite lane on the infamous Bharuch section since I was running out of milk for my 3-month-old. Needless to say, the keyboard warriors had a gala time at my expense.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the story, I enjoyed the Dzire thoroughly and did a lot of Mumbai – Punjab and Nasik/Shirdi/Pune drives. In 2016, I exchanged the Dzire for a Petrol/CNG Ertiga at Sai Service Borivali and it was certainly a welcome change. Although I did fewer long-distance trips in it, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Ertiga for its drivability and space and fuel efficiency.

Fast forward to the year 2021, I have owned the Ertiga for almost 5 years. The organization I work with has a company lease policy. I can choose a vehicle that the company vendor will procure for me. I pay some DP and the EMIs I pay become a non-taxable part of my compensation. However, the condition is that the ex-showroom price of the vehicle should be less than 10 lakhs.

I would really like a 7 seater car since we are a family of 5, one child and one baby on the way for the other couple. However, it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice. XUV and Scorpio are clearly not an option. So seeking opinions from the experts here. Below are my requirements:

  • Space – 5+2 preferred
  • Fuel efficiency _ I do a lot of long-distance driving
  • Strong engine performance – for the reason listed above
  • Maintenance? I am scared to step outside the Maruti comfort zone. But we will see.

Here is the summary of my choices and eliminations:

  • I would have loved to go for MG Hector/Hexa but its outside the budget and a little too much of a risk for me.
  • Nissan has some options (Magnite, Kicks etc.), but the reviews about the weak engine performance put me off.
  • TUV 300 is far too stiff and unrefined for my likings. I test drove the vehicle when I was replacing the Dzire but the experience wasn’t great. Especially the 3rd-row bench like appeal was way too off-putting for me.

Here is what I can choose from, I guess, but you guys know better

  • Kia Seltos/Sonnet – Low-end variants. However, I might end up not getting the features these cars are actually marketed for.
  • Creta E – same as the above. I will get a bare-bones version
  • Brezza – well established but a little too vanilla for me.
  • Renault Duster/Triber? Totally unfamiliar terrain for me
  • XUV300 – seems powerful and feature-packed. However, way too compact.
  • S-cross – Again doesn’t seem the best package

I really really don’t like EcoSport or the Nexon. Please help me out and put all those hours of Team-BHP browsing to good use!!

Here’s what BHPian hridaygandhi had to say on the matter:

Since you are really happy with Maruti and Ertiga, why not go for an Ertiga/XL6 again? The current model is an upgrade from your 2015 Ertiga on a lot of aspects. Anything else you choose, Brezza/Magnite will seem like a downgrade after owning Ertiga, especially space-wise. The only other car I which is big on space and fills your requirements is the S-Cross.

Here’s what BHPian Sk8r had to say on the matter:

I would suggest you to stretch a bit more and get the Marazzo

Your requirements:

  • Space – 5+2 preferred – Check
  • Fuel efficiency _ I do a lot of long-distance driving – Check
  • Strong Engine performance – for the reason listed above – Should we manageable
  • Maintenance? I am scared to step outside the Maruti comfort zone. But we will see – Check

What you get extra:

  • Safety – 4 star rated
  • For those long drives – Diesel

Here’s what BHPian AdityaDeane had to say on the matter:

For your preferences, I would really recommend a Triber in MT or AMT, whatever suits you. I use it in the hills of Manali, and have faced no problems. You can check my ownership review here.

And you can check my YouTube channel for videos related to how it fares in the hills and high mountain passes etc. for boosting your confidence. You can also get ideas for modifications or accessories based on a video I uploaded earlier this year.

I have successfully and tirelessly done Manali-New Delhi, Manali-Dehradun and Manali-Ludhiana drives, and the car has always been trustworthy and trouble-free. Planning a Manali – Kalimpong drive later this year, once the Corona situation improves. And also, a Manali – Leh drive later this year with a few friends.

Service costs are more or less equal to my Dad’s Petrol Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta. Lots of interior space and you won’t miss your Ertiga much, except for flat-folding middle row seats.

Wishing you all the very best for your decision and many safe miles with the little one, we ourselves are parents to a 4-year old son, and he loves travelling in the Triber in his car seat with an AC Vent pushing cold air on his face with the pillar mounted AC Vents for the 2nd row window seats.

Why not go with the new-gen Ertiga again? It’ll fit your budget, and XL6 as far as I know, starts above 10 Lakhs. So, Ertiga or Triber, both would be good choices with a lot of practicality and space.

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