2,000 km in 2 months with my Nexon EV Max: My experience so far

The energy efficiency and increasing charging infra definitely help contribute to the positive ownership experience, and it’s only going to get better from here on hopefully.

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A 2 month, 2000 km review of the Nexon EV Max!

We have not gone on as many road trips in our 8 years in Mumbai as in these past 2 months!

This is an ownership review of Tata Nexon EV Max XZ+ Lux. We bought it this April, completed 2000 kms on our Bijli last week, and on 7th it completed its 2 months. At the risk of sounding like we are in love with it, a three-word review, “absolutely love it”

Disclaimer: this is our first car, and our total driving experience was of about two months, back in 2015! So there are no reference points really to these comments, but a first experience.

The drive: Despite being novice drivers, the smooth pickup, noiseless operations, and regen actually hooked us during the test drive. With the number of speed breakers, and general stoppages on Mumbai roads, you almost get a single pedal drive using the ‘crawl’ and ‘regen’. The highway driving is fantastic as well. Fastest I have gone is 115km/hr, and it still felt totally in control. The sports mode, though sparingly used, really does shine.
On highways/clear roads, have been able to attain 120-130 W/km quite regularly. City driving of course is a different ball game.

The very low noise interiors are a boon in the bustling traffic of Mumbai.

Build and Exterior: Solid build. And the Intensiteal color is love at first sight!

Interiors: Look good, feel good. Have had people in the back seat for 3-4 hours at a stretch, and they could’ve sworn that this was one of the more comfortable rides they’ve taken.

The A pillars are a bit wide, and take time to get used to, especially for traffic coming from your right. Also, the viewing range can seem a bit limited between the infotainment unit and the rear view mirror. But not a deal breaker at any rate.

Functionalities/accessories: Auto-hold is now pretty standard across most cars, but it is a boon, especially when you are stuck in traffic or driving on the ghat. The best part is that you dont have to engage it every time you need it, once you do it, it remains on and comes into effect whenever the car comes to a complete stop.

The side horn on the steering wheel is so very convenient. The cruise set up takes time to get used to, though it can just be because we are new to it. The hill descent control works well on steep mall parking exits.

The sound system does very well, probably better than any other car we’ve been in but thats not a very big universe.

The not so good:

  • There is almost no space in the centre console, other than small armrest box. The wireless charger is a waste of space, as it is very slow.
  • You can of course get some storage organizers, which we have done, which alleviate the problem to a large extent.
  • In general the storage space is a bit underwhelming, e.g., no seat back pockets. Again, have to rely on external accessories to overcome that.
  • Wireless android auto would’ve been fantastic.
  • The USB port is a bit awkward to reach, but then you don’t have to access it everyday, you put in a cord and leave it there.
  • There is a slight lag in the drive selector dial, and it can take a few days to get used to, and you may have to listen to that one extra honk when you stop to reverse on a busy street , but again, not a deal breaker at all. It does look very good!

So far we haven’t faced any issues, and long may that continue! Overall, I think the Nexon was a big part of us becoming fond of driving. It is so easy to drive that sometimes we wonder if we’ll be able to drive any other car at all if we get used to this. The energy efficiency and increasing charging infra definitely help contribute to the positive ownership experience, and it’s only going to get better from here on hopefully.

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