20,000 km with an XUV 700 petrol AT: 10 observations including mileage

Mileage figures come to around 9 kml in the city and 13 kml on the highway.

BHPian Mudhalaipatti recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

20K Update :

The Red Rage is just shy of the 20K mark and is due for its service. Considering the engine idling time, will send it out for service after the pongal holidays. The car nowadays is used for out of station trips and has taken us to some really nice places.

One such is Thirumurty dam. A great place to spend a day or two is Camp Splendour with a number of activities.


Coming to the experiences and driving update:

  • Absolutely no niggles or issues of any sort. I’m mighty impressed with the vehicle holding up so well. Build quality is amazing with no rattles, no noises whatsoever anywhere. I meant physical…software is buggy, as expected. More on this in a while.
  • Ever since the fuel tank was replaced, the dreaded engine stalling hasn’t occurred at all.
  • City FE is around 9 kmpl and highway is around 13kmpl.
  • Brakes have gone a little soft, which is normal considering the wear and tear.
  • Apple CarPlay is buggy as hell. Frequent disconnections, laggy maps and whatnot. I have stopped using CarPlay altogether.
  • The other day, the whole infotainment system and the MID restarted on its own, while driving. It was a little annoying, having to loose your MID midway while you are driving. This happened for about an hour of driving and it probably would have restarted every 3 mins. Finally after restarting the car the system was back on. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to tilt the vehicle 30% to restart
  • Sometimes the volume controls wouldn’t work. Sometimes the screen would freezeup. I have lost count of the uniqueness of these software niggles. Nothing seem to be appear more than once in a month ! And every time it’s a new one.
  • Handling the door handles at night continues to be a hassle.
  • I have a few anomalies that I need to report to Mahindra first and when I get a resolution as part of my 20K service. I shall update on those after the service.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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