2019 Toyota Prius Reportedly Starts At $27,300

An XLE with more standard features will allegedly start at $29,740.

The 2019 Toyota Prius is about to get improved all-weather driving ability from a new all-wheel-drive option. Cars Direct has discovered the order guide for the model with extra traction, it showed a base price of $27,300 after destination.

For 2019, Toyota will rename the Prius’ trim levels. Rather than One, Two, Three, or Four, customers will be able to pick from L, LE, XLE, and Touring models. The cheapest all-wheel-drive Prius will be in the LE level, and the XLE with amenities like standard power-adjustable, heated seats will reportedly be $29,740, according to Cars Direct.

Cars Direct also reports that the base, non-all-whee-drive 2019 Prius L Eco model is $24,690, versus $24,395 for a 2018 Prius One.

The all-wheel-drive Prius packs an additional electric motor specifically for driving the rear axle. The drivetrain powers all the wheels up to 6 miles per hour (9 kilometers per hour) to improve initial acceleration. The motor in the back can also activate at speeds up to 43 mph (69 kph) to help the vehicle’s traction. 

Toyota estimates the all-wheel-drive Prius gets 52 miles per gallon city and 48 mpg highway. This is only a tiny drop from the front-drive 2018 model’s rating of 54 mpg city and 50 highway.

The automaker estimates around 25 percent of Prius sales in the United States could come from the all-wheel-drive variant once it’s on sale. The model might make the hybrid vehicle a more attractive choice in snowy climates because of its extra available traction when the road gets slippery.

All variants of the 2019 Prius receive a slight styling refresh that gives it exterior pieces that make the standard model look more like the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid. Two new colors are also available: Supersonic Red and Electric Storm Blue.

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