2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro: No extra power, no extra need

It’s been four years since the low-slung, high-powered Mercedes-AMG GT made its debut. Since then, we’ve seen coupe and roadster versions, GT Cs and GT Rs — and now at the LA Auto Show, the line gets a new model: the AMG GT R Pro.

The GT R Pro is basically the hottest version of the GT making 577 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque from the company’s 4.0-liter biturbo V8. The Pro version adds all of the updates from the rest of AMG line that we’ve seen in the last few model years.

That means buyers will get the full digital display with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster screen and a 10.25-inch multimedia screen. It will get new display style modes for those screens, new colored display buttons and the new leather or microsuede steering wheel from the AMG GT 4-Door.

Also like the AMG GT 4-Door, the GT R Pro will get AMG Dynamics, which are in addition to the AMG Dynamic Select drive modes. Those stay the same: slippery, comfort, sport, sport plus and race. The AMG Dynamics modes work with the ESP system, yaw sensors and differential to allow the driver to experience the full capability of the vehicle. Modes include basic, advanced, pro and master (like the AMG GT 4-Door). I’ll let Mercedes explain.

"Basic" is assigned to the "slippery" and "comfort" drive programs. Here the AMG GT demonstrates exceptionally stable handling characteristics with high yaw damping.

"Advanced" is activated in the "sport" program. The AMG GT is then neutrally balanced. The lower yaw damping, lower steering angle requirement and enhanced agility support dynamic maneuvers such as driving on winding country roads.

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