2022 Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano | PH Video

Ferrari's epic 1,000hp hybrid supercar made to go faster still – and driven flat out at the Fiorano test track

By Dan Prosser / Friday, December 31, 2021 / Loading comments

It took Ferrari only eight years to produce a series production car that’s faster than the limited-run LaFerrari hypercar. Equipped with the Assetto Fiorano pack, like the car tested in this video, the SF90 Stradale records a lap time around Ferrari’s own test track – Fiorano, the famous old circuit lends the upgrade kit its name – of 1min 19secs. That’s seven-tenths of a second faster than the LaFerrari.

How does the SF90 manage it? With a neat, round 1,000hp it has 50hp more than the hypercar, which helps. But it’s also heavier, weighing about the same bone dry as a LaFerrari parked at the kerb and ready to be driven. The SF90 Stradale’s biggest advantage over the LaFerrari is its powered front axle, which helps it scamper away from tight corners with a whole lot more urgency.

Around somewhere like Fiorano with its handful of second and third gear corners, that counts for a lot. Take these two cars to a faster track like Monza or Spa, though, and you’ll probably see the LaFerrari come out on top, according to test driver Raffaele De Simone. But the fact remains: at Fiorano, the series production SF90 Stradale is now top dog.

So what’s it like to drive? Astonishingly fast, extraordinarily capable and yet somehow missing something. You’ll have to watch the video to find out more…

  • 2021 Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano | PH Review

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