5 New Speed Parts For Car Crafters!

Late-Model Ford
What it is: Coyote camshaft timing controller.

Why you care: Ford’s independent control of intake and exhaust valve timing has given the Coyote V8 the power to punch way over its weight class, but that advantage hasn’t translated well into competition engines due to its complexity.

Holley’s Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing Control (Ti-VCT) for 2015–2017 Ford engines is designed to unleash the full potential of Coyote crate motors and junkyard Coyotes with locked cams, and is compatible with Holley Dominator and Holley HP EFI systems. It features main harnesses terminated with Ford TPS and IAC connectors for a fast, easy conversion from a drive-by-wire throttle-body to a manual throttle-body. Integrated stock cam-position tables eliminate tuning guesswork and deliver optimal driveability and maximum power, and built-in diagnostic LEDs make troubleshooting a snap in the event of a camshaft- or crankshaft-sensor failure.

Pre-calibrated Ford sensor dropdowns appear in the Holley EFI software, and the main harness includes a power tap connector that’s a convenient source for power and grounds when adding additional sensors or actuators. Complete kits are available, and the Coyote Ti-VCT Control Module, plug-and-play harness kits, main harnesses, and sub-harnesses are also available separately.

How much: $799.95 (controller only)

Learn more: MSD/Holley; 866/464-6553; www.Holley.com

1978–1981 Monte Carlo
What it is: Gauge cluster shadow box.

Why you care: Owners of 1978–1981 Chevy Monte Carlos have it rough. Their cars aren’t old enough to be considered classic, yet are old enough that new parts aren’t made for them anymore. The folks at Dixie Restoration Depot understand that, so they recently introduced a new shadow box for 1978–1981 Monte Carlo, El Camino, and Malibu vehicles equipped with the rectangular-style speedometer. Designed to hold 3-3/8- and 2-1/16-inch gauges, this unit is a popular option for those who want to upgrade to modern gauges without sacrificing their vintage-style gauge cluster. Once aftermarket gauges are mounted to this powdercoated steel shadow box, the entire assembly mounts directly to the factory faceplate instead of the gauge pod. This allows the user to remove the gauges much more easily without worrying about the factory gauge pod.

How much: $74.95

Learn more: Dixie Restoration Depot; 877/243-4943; www.dixierestorationdepot.com

Hellcat Hemi

What it is: Supercharger intercooler manifolds.

Why you care: If you’re lucky enough to be swapping a Hellcat into a vintage Mopar, you’ll find that plumbing the supercharger intercoolers to the air-to-water radiator can be quite a challenge. The thick factory intercooler manifolds just don’t bode well for custom applications, not to mention the unsightly rubber hoses used from the factory. With several Hellcat swaps to their credit, the team at Schwartz Performance decided to resolve this issue with their new low-profile intercooler manifolds. Schwartz designed a very shallow housing that can mount to either side of the engine and directs the coolant through a pair of -10 AN fittings. This design, which is more than an inch leaner than the factory units, allows the intercooler hoses to be routed on either side of the engine to best suit your application. The billet manifolds retain outlets for the factory temp sensor and bleeder valve for original functionality.

How much: $475 (add $45 for rear connecting hoses)

Learn more: Schwartz Performance; 815/206-2230; Schwartzperformance.com

GM B-body
What it is: Caprice and Impala SS headlights.

Why you care: The staying power of Chevy’s 1991–1996 fullsized Caprice is here to stay, thanks to the strength of its available 260hp LT1 V8. Those wanting to turn back the clock on their GM B-body will be happy to hear Classic Industries is now offering authorized reproduction side-marker lamp housings for 1991–1996 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala SS models. Each marker lamp housing is manufactured from quality injection-molded material and features a provision for socket and bulb insertion. These also feature a crystal-clear plastic lens with amber side lens and correct painted accents with accurate factory markings as original. Socket, bulb, or hardware not included.

How much: $19.99–$24.99

Learn more: Classic Industries; 855/357-2787; www.classicindustries.com

Slick Shifting
What it is: STX shifters for Tremec.

Why you care: Silver Sport Transmissions is well known for Tremec transmission kits, which include short-throw shifters, but before now, the only way to get SST’s shifter was to purchase an entire transmission kit. Now all stock Tremec TKO, T5, T45, Magnum, and T56 transmission owners can upgrade to the same STX Performance shifter SST customers have enjoyed for years. The STX shifter reduces lever travel by between 7 and 39 percent, depending on transmission. It’s built to survive and thrive in the competition environment too, as the STX shifter is a sealed, double-trunnion design with a compact footprint, precise feel, and rugged construction. High-rpm shifting is said to be improved with dual biasing springs that guide the shifter to Neutral. This gives the STX shifter an almost effortless feel as the shifter travels from one shifter gate to the next.

How much: Varies by application

Learn more: Silver Sport Transmissions; 865/609-8187; www.shiftsst.com

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