A Silver Sport Transmissions hydraulic clutch kit makes installing a modern manual transmission easy.

When Camaros were rolling off assembly lines in California and Ohio a half-century ago those fitted with manual transmissions had a simple equalizer shaft and pushrods for clutch release. It took a lot of pedal effort to release the clutch and shift gears, especially if you had a stiff racing clutch. Fifty years later, there’s a better way.

It has long been said you can move the world with the power of hydraulics—using fluid under pressure to do the hard work for us. Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) understands the benefits of hydraulics and has applied it to a very effective clutch release system for your classic Chevy. The PerfectFit hydraulic clutch kit from Silver Sport Transmissions takes the power of hydraulics and puts it to work for you. You will never have a better shifting experience once you make the switch to hydraulics.

We’re installing the PerfectFit hydraulic clutch system and a TREMEC Magnum six-speed in a 1967 Camaro, but the process is similar for almost any Chevy. The PerfectFit system lives up to its name, allowing you to infuse modern technology into a classic Camaro. Silver Sport Transmissions provides everything you’re going to need to install both the TREMEC Magnum six-speed and the hydraulic clutch system. So let’s head over to Best of Show Coachworks in Escondido, California, to see what’s involved in installing the SST kit.

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