AC Schnitzer’s BMW i8 Cop Car Reports for Duty

Cop cars based on supercars are typically the province of Middle Eastern countries’ wealthy police departments, although Italy has been known to use Lamborghinis for highway work, too, and even the Isle of Man has a BAC Mono patrolling Snaefell Mountain. But now the Germans are getting in on the act with AC Schnitzer’s TUNE IT! SAFE! Polizei BMW i8.

As you’d expect, the BMW i8 police car wears a visually overwhelming police livery (a vinyl wrap, thankfully), a Hella light bar on the roof, and a set of Hella lights that project the AC Schnitzer logo. An AC Schnitzer spring kit ostensibly improves handling while also lowering the car by 0.8 inch at each end compared to a stock i8. Power comes from a plug-in-hybrid powertrain featuring a three-cylinder engine and two electric motors.

Other upgrades to the i8’s appearance include AC Schnitzer carbon-fiber accessories for the roof, front spoiler, canards, grille, mirror covers, air outlets, wing, and side skirts. Inside, the Polizei i8 gets AC Schnitzer shift paddles, aluminum pedals, and an aluminum cover for the iDrive controller. The 21-inch wheels are staggered in width and wear 245/35 front and 285/30 rear rubber; they’re done with a choice of two-tone or Anthracite finish.

It’s perhaps not as intimidating as seeing a Bugatti Veyron with lights blazing in your rearview mirror, and it’s almost certainly more likely to be used for community outreach than for busting baddies. It’s not like the police actually need anything more capable than regular cruisers—the fastest car on earth can’t outrun a radio, after all.

Source: AC Schnitzer

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