Alpine A106 Mille Miglia: Time for Coffee?

With the 21st century Alpine love-in not letting up, time to remember one of the classics…

Alpine is best known for its A110 sports car, probably more so now than ever thanks to the recent relaunch. But did you know that the A110 was neither the Dieppe company’s first model, nor its first motorsport winner? Those honours fall to the A106, a dinky little two-door based on the Renault 4CV, that arrived six years before the A110.

The A106, which used a miniscule 750cc four-cylinder motor, went on to win its class at the 1956 Mille Miglia, a remarkable achievement given that Alpine had existed for just 12 months at that time. Although only a few hundred A106s were made, the model secured Alpine’s place among motoring greats.

Some A106s, though, are more special than others, like the immaculate example owned by Dutchman Mark Geessink. Since acquiring the car from a reluctant seller in 2014, he’s entered the A106 into the Mille Miglia Storica (the modern re-running of the classic event) every year. In fact, it was the elderly former owner’s request that Geessink would maintain this annual ritual, before he agreed to the sale.

Petrolicious’s beautifully shot video (you expected anything less?) captures the passion and love involved in running such a special example of the very first Alpine model. It also serves as a reminder that you need not spend obscene amounts of money to become the owner of an important piece of automotive history, one that’s worthy of one of the world’s most iconic motoring events. Watch it below!



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