Another Back from the Brink Project Sees a Huracan Rising from the Literal Ashes

We’ve all seen the posts titled “Finally: A Supercar you Can Afford” above a picture of a burnt-out husk of a car and shared a laugh. But YouTube’s B is for Build is trying to make it work.

The car is a Lamborghini Huracan LP 610 whose engine apparently caught fire, tearing through the rear end of the car. The damage was pretty extensive but reasonably limited to the rear sub-frame.

Armed with a new rear-subframe, an unburned Huracan (which will act as a mold for new body pieces), and an LS engine for power, the car should be pretty impressive.

Now, we agree that losing the Audi/Lambo V10 is a huge bummer, as does B is for Build, but money doesn’t grow on trees and LSs can be boosted up to 1,000 hp for pennies (comparatively).

It will also mean that this Huracan will have a third pedal. Borrowing a manual transmission from a Gallardo, the shop will turn the Huracan into a carbon-fiber-bodied, 1,000 hp, manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive rocket ship that will inevitably spear off the road the first time the drivers goes near the gas pedal. It should be great.

The build is broken up into a number of videos all leading up to SEMA, which is going on from November 5-8.

First published on Fourtitude

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