APR Bringing 536 hp Golf R to SEMA

Volkswagen tuner APR is bringing a great big Golf R to the SEMA show next week. Well, it’s not actually bigger. It’s great big in the power department. The 2.0L turbo-four in the hot hatch will be absolutely smoking. APR is promising 536 hp in what the company is calling the RLMS.

There’s more than just power in the car. The RLMS is a touring car-style build. An APR Stage 3+ turbo system gives the go, but the car will also be wearing a DTM-style full wide-body kit, two-piece wheels, OMP racing harness, and a custom roll cage. The Toyo tires fitted under that kit will need to be wide to put all that power to the pavement.

The company isn’t giving a whole lot more detail than that, but it sounds intriguing. A hot hatch that offers up more than 500 hp goes beyond just hot hatch. Maybe we’ll call this one a magma hatch? Who doesn’t like piping hot magma? What, is that an Austin Powers reference in 2018? It is, but that’s what you get when APR only teases something that sounds so massive.

We’ll see it at the show in about a week. For now, here’s APR’s teaser of the show car.

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