Ather e-scooter deliveries delayed

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Ather Energy had planned to ramp-up production of its e-scooters by mid-October 2018. But, supply chain issues have caused delays, resulting in deliveries being postponed by 1-3 months. Now, some customers can expect their scooters to be delivered around March 2019.

According to a letter sent out to customers, electronic components like MLC capacitors, resistors and other building blocks of the vehicle hardware are in short supply due to high demand. This has caused a bottleneck in the production. 

Ather has said that it is working with its suppliers to resolve this issue, but it is expected to take at least 2 months. The company is hoping to see a turnaround by December 2018.

Ather Energy had launched the Ather 340 and Ather 450 e-scooter earlier this year. The scooters are priced from Rs. 1.10 lakh (on-road, Bangalore). The first batch of 10 scooters has already been delivered.

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