Bangalore: Thieves steal airbags, accessories from Toyotas

A gang of thieves have reportedly broken into multiple cars in Bangalore and have stolen airbags. They seem to be targeting Toyota cars and are also stealing air-conditioner controllers and other accessories from the vehicles.

According to a media report, a Toyota Innova parked in front of the owner’s house was targeted last week. The thieves broke the front seat windows to get into the car and stole accessories worth Rs. 3 lakh. These included both front airbags, audio system, air-conditioner controllers, sunglass holder among others. 

It is also reported that three other cars were targeted in a similar fashion in the area. The culprits removed the components in a way that only professionals who are familiar with the assemblies would. This suggests that they could be experienced mechanics.

An Innova Crysta parked nearby was also ransacked in a similar manner. However, in this case, the audio system was left untouched.

The local police have reviewed CCTV footage from the area but are yet to identify the culprits. They suspect that the thieves could be selling the stolen parts to accessory stores. The investigation is still ongoing.

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